My Patreon


My Patreon is, fundamentally, an experiment in crowdfunded Basic Income. Your pledges become my “Basic Income”- the more pledges I have, the more financial stability and flexibility I get. Since I am married to a spouse with an income, my basic needs are met- so what will I do with “extra” money each month?

  • Invest money into my childbirth education work.
  • Invest in tools to help with my physical limitations & needs- like mobility equipment and ‘elective’ treatments & care.
  • Put money into lowering existing medical debt.
  • Persue hobbies and continuing education.
  • Tackle home repairs.
  • Plan the honeymoon we never had.

All of these are things that can’t be done on our existing income, things that would put our monthly budget at risk, so having a patron-supported ‘basic income’ changes that.

The BIG UBI Patron Creator Pledge

Based on the example of UBI advocate & speaker Scott Santens, any pledge income I receive over the basic income ‘standard’ of $1000/monthly, will go towards supporting other creators here on Patreon who make the same pledge: “[The] goal here is to create a community of content creators all working toward their own basic incomes with the same shared goal of achieving basic incomes for others.”


Wait, don’t you have another Patreon?
Yes, I do. I have one that focuses on my creative writing, storytelling and voice acting. I am keeping it separate from this one, because it is built on the pledge-for-content-access framework, where this one is specific to basic income, and my advocacy in that area.