UBI vs Covid

You know what really bunches my panties about the whole “They’re making more on unemployment, so they won’t go back to work!” thing? THAT’S THE WHOLE GODDAMN POINT.

We’re in the middle of a frakking pandemic. Over 4 million confirmed cases. Almost 150K people that we know of have died just in our country alone, since we started paying attention in March. 1000+ people are dying of this every day, and it’s showing NO signs of slowing down.

We could get a handle on this. Other countries did. Other comparable, ‘developed’ nations have flattened their curve, and have structures in place to address potential waves.  But not the USA.

The US could shut everything down for 6-8 weeks. And I mean everything that isn’t a vital, life saving necessity.  No takeout. No ‘zon deliveries. Groceries are no-contact curbside only. No school, no rent, no mortgages. Just let it all go, because it’s LESS IMPORTANT than not spreading a deadly disease.

Set up a way to make sure that vulnerable populations like the elderly and disabled are taken care of and have what they need to get through weeks of stay at home orders. Get PPE to the people who need it.

Have actual consequences for breaking quarantine. How about everyone who breaks at home quarantine, set them up in a tent camp quarantine in the nearest NFL stadium. Make them stay for the duration +14 days from the last new arrival.

And then you enact a Basic Income- pay every adult human being $1000-2000/month, so they don’t need to leave the house.

Unless they’re providing an actually vital service, no one NEEDS to be working.  They NEED financial stability- and that NEEDS to be provided to us when the good of the whole damn country requires we heavily quarantine.  People can function without a job. Jobs aren’t required for survival. Avoiding a freaking plague, is.

But no, here in the good ol US of A, we’re so OBSESSED with people working, so chained down by “But Mah Freedumbs!” that we literally refuse to do any of the things needed to get Covid in check. A majority of Congress is so very offended by the idea of “paying people to do nothing”, that they’re willing to withdraw support, to force people back into work- even if it puts the entire country at risk.

Economies recover… dead people don’t. People with long term health problems won’t. Families made homeless because we refused to enact rent and mortgage moratoriums won’t. We’re letting the selfish people win.

We are So. Very. Fucked