Quit putting it off, the time is now.

I keep seeing this argument about Basic Income:

Its a good idea, but society just isn’t ready for it. Maybe next decade/century….


If we wait for some magical, alchemical moment when society is ‘ready’ for basic income (and health care, and education), we’ll be waiting until the heat death of the universe.

Imagine if Martin Luther King had said “Weeellll, society just isn’t ready for civil rights… we’ll wait another century or so.”  

Imagine if Susan B. Anthony or Sojourner Truth had said “You know, our country just isn’t ready for women voters, we can put it off until the time is right. 

Great social change isn’t something you can wait for the perfect moment to quietly slip it into practice- it takes building momentum, gaining and raising your voice, and being willing to push against the people who say it’s too soon, too disruptive, too radical, to different.

Basic Income is our right as dues (tax) paying members of society.  It is time.